Representative Clients


Local Boards of Education

For more than 20 years, we have represented local boards of education in Middle and East Tennessee.  During this time, we have guided them through sweeping changes in the law and rapid changes to our communities.  Our clients appreciate attorneys who understand their needs and partner with them to serve the public.

Our attorneys also serve as special counsel for many other school boards across Tennessee.  Local board attorneys appreciate our expertise in technical areas like internal investigations, OCR compliance, Title VI and Title IX equity and discrimination issues, EEOC matters, special education, Section 504 compliance, and complex litigation.

Insurance Companies

We are honored to serve as panel counsel for every major insurer of local boards of education.  We have an experienced litigation team that efficiently and effectively defends the interests of school boards in the state and federal courts across Tennessee.

Law Enforcement

We represent individual officers against charges of wrongdoing in the performance of their duties.  We have a close association with a local law enforcement union as well as the chain of command of the local law enforcement agencies.

Private Employers

We defend many local employers in state and federal court against charges of discrimination, allegations of wrongful discharge, and other employment related matters.  We also help employers avoid these issues altogether, whether by conducting internal investigations, the development of policy manuals, or intensive training for supervisors and management.

Domestic and Family Law

Chandler Lawson leads our domestic and family law practice.  She brings the same level of understanding and support to this difficult area of the law that we offer to our other clients.  Whether the issue is child support, custody, visitation, or some other sensitive issue, Ms. Lawson is able to assist.